Choose a Powerful Cloud Hosting Platform

All three of our premium UK web hosting platforms include our autoscaling and load balancing technologies. Your choice is between what operating system or content management system you want to use: Linux, Windows or WordPress. If you want to use all three, you’ll need our Reseller* Hosting plan.

Linux Platform
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Linux Platform

Our Linux platform is ideal for all types of websites. Built for speed and security by our in-house experts, we’ve fine-tuned Apache for even better performance. It’s also home to over 70+ one-click installs of popular software including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Presta Shop & Magento.

You won’t need any Linux experience, our support teams are versatile in all three systems.


WordPress Platform

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Wordpress Platform

We’ve crafted an innovative platform that caters to WordPress’s every need. Automatic core WordPress updates, built-in plugin monitoring, and our own exclusive StackCache speed plugin are

brought together in one innovative solution to ensure your WordPress website always performs at its best.

Windows Platform
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Windows Platform

Our robust Windows web hosting platform is backed by a performance-tuned IIS cluster. This cluster provides redundancy: there’s no single point of failure. Our Windows platform is optimised to be fast and secure. It’s the perfect choice for sites that use ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access, or MS SQL.


*coming soon


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